Welcome to MyCopyBackup

MyCopyBackup, manages backups of your client portfolio, locally and / or cloud, at the best price and synchronized with the 3 most important cloud storages in the world:

Google Drive™, OneDrive™ y Amazon S3™

Without forgetting the management of backups locally or on your FTP server.


MyCopyBackup is a security backup tool that allows us to make backups both on a local computer and on Cloud or cloud servers, upload or download your backups to / or from OneDrive ™, Google Drive ™, Amazon S3 ™ and FTP, all included in the same secure and easy-to-use software, offering multiple ways to save and recover your data.

MyCopyBackup is designed with a very simple graphical interface that allows users to make copies of databases MSSQL™ and files or files in a very simple way.

The MyCopyBackup CONSOLE will allow your company to keep track of scheduled backups to your customer portfolio.


  • · Make backups on devices such as: internal or external hard drives, USB stick or other removable devices.
  • · Make cloud backups such as:Google Drive™, OneDrive™, Amazon S3™.
  • · Make backups Microsoft BBDD ~ MSSQL™.
  • · Make incremental copies and Compress the copies in Zip format.
  • · You can Perform synchronized backups.
  • · You can schedule your backups and make them automatically by setting date and time, having a scheduling calendar.
  • · Easy and fast restoration of backups.
  • · It has a remote manager with access to FTP accounts.
  • · It allows data encryption ensuring the confidentiality of your information.



Offer backup services to your customer base.
Set up MyCopyBackup and monitor the success of the process online.
Operate in an easy and intuitive environment to manage.

And ... get paid for the work done!


The perfect solution to save the relevant information of your clients. Different backup alternatives: on internal or external hard drives (or other removable devices) and / or cloud (Google drive, OneDrive and Amazon S3). Establish a schedule and assure the smooth running of the process through its services.


Through the MyCopyBackup console, your company will manage cloud storage, busy and available GB, reports on the correct performance of backups and various controls.

Also, you will be able to connect the console to your current CRM.